“It takes an ocean not to break”

-Matt Berninger

Located conveniently in Brentwood, Burnaby, B.C. next to local amenities and transit. Please feel free to contact me for a 30 minutes consultation to see if I’m right for you.


I’m Stuart, a registered clinical counsellor and psychotherapist who works directly with individuals and couples in Burnaby to break free from the tight grip that makes them feel stuck with their problems. I work with individuals and couples from all walks of life who are experiencing emotional, psychological, or relationship issues that have left them feeling discouraged.

Mutual arising is about coming together to analyze the pattern of our thoughts and actions that chain together, one after the other, that create our experience of existing. My practice is a collaborative and supportive therapy that works with people to find practical solutions to everyday problems, explore and shift longstanding emotional patterns that cause difficulties, and/or manage difficult and unexpected life situations. Often this involves dealing with our reaction to fears, facing childhood issues that began life-long patterns, and moving towards taking the risk to become a freer and more open person. We are all trapped on this boat together so we might as well help each other out.

Whatever quagmire you’re in, I am thrilled to bring my resources to aid you in your desire for self-improvement, for self-exploration, and/or for greater intimacy with your partner. I draw on years of experience in the helping profession, training in the fields of psychology and counselling, devotion to continuous learning, and my own personal development as a fellow flawed human. I bring a range of traditional and modern therapy modalities to the conversation, drawing upon the big and small ideas which have shaped my practice and helped many people solve problems and live happier lives.