“Stuart is a compassionate, ethical, nonjudgemental counsellor who utilizes various interventions with a flair of humour, warmth, and kindness” - Andrea Jonsson, MA, RCC, CAC


About Me

Hi, I’m Stuart Daciuk and I’m glad you’re here! Talking to people about their life is pretty much the biggest part of my life so it seems a bit weird to talk about myself, but here goes: I absolutely cherish the amazing experiences I have meeting and working with so many wonderful clients. This role as a counsellor is not only rewarding, but is extremely motivating and often much more fun than people would first guess. Whether we are having a laugh about the absurdity of life’s problems, discussing some intricate point about belief or how to live, or sharing the deep sorrow of a painful experience—it is always something special and interesting! It still surprises me how many clients feel poorly about themselves when they actually have so much to offer. I have been told that I tend to see the good in everyone, even being called an optimist (which I always thought was an insult), but I think I’m just realistic when I say that the people I have seen as clients are so resourceful and talented.

Let’s see, I have some labels and education that I should mention: I’m a registered clinical counsellor (RCC), psychotherapist, and sex therapist, “Registered clinical counsellor” is a special term in B.C. for those licensed through the BCACC which determines the eligibility of members based on education and ethical standards. “Psychotherapist” is an unrestricted term, but generally means that the person using it applies the theories and knowledge of psychology in their work with clients. “Sex therapist” is also an unregulated term in Canada generally means that a person is highly educated and trained in dealing with a wide array of sexual problems. I hold a masters degree in counselling, a bachelors degree in psychology, and I continuously seek out a variety of courses and training to be a better therapist. You can see more about that stuff here. I live and work in beautiful Burnaby B.C. where I have begun to see clients in private practice and I very much look forward to meeting you and perhaps your partner too.

I’m not usually very sentimental, but I was supremely lucky to do a practicum through the Adler Centre in Vancouver. I was exposed to some often overlooked counselling perspectives by master therapists that I find tremendously helpful today. But not only that, the centre itself was a wonderfully supportive environment and a pleasure to be involved with, which has shaped how I view what we all need in life. I continue to maintain a relationship with the Adler Centre through workshops and continuing the tradition of Adlerian Individual psychotherapy that views people not in terms of their problems, but with a deep appreciation for their complexity, a wide view of their life, and as in need of encouragement to guide their own life.

I have worked for many years in service to people with disabilities as a care aide as well as supporting at-risk youths in care homes. I’ve also worked dead-end jobs in warehouses, sold electronics and cellphones, but the best job I used to have was working in a video store. Obviously I enjoyed the free rentals, and went through a phase as a movie lover, but the best perk was that customers would drop by just to talk!

I admire comedians, perhaps a little too much. I think what I enjoy most is comedy that subverts our expectations and challenges how we see the world. When a comedian makes me laugh and feel stupid at the same time I think they have done an excellent job.

I wouldn’t say that I am a very idealistic person. I believe we will always have problems of some kind, but that we can make improvements and continue to

I enjoy cooking and love learning new recipes to share with friends and loved ones. I heard it once said that a picture paints a thousand words, but a joke reveals an entire perspective on life.

“I’m going to miss my Wednesdays with Stuart.”

  The Vinegar Tasters

The Vinegar Tasters

Maybe you want to know some normal things about me. I love art and architecture. One of my favourite themes in paintings is The Vinegar Tasters which depicts Buddha, Confucius, and Lao Tzu tasting from a jar of vinegar as a metaphor for their perspectives on life. Buddha finds it sour, Confucius finds it bitter, and Lao Tzu sees that sourness and bitterness comes from an unappreciative and interfering mind.